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Hi John, Just wanted to say a huge thank you again to "flowerbizflorist".

Being able to send flowers to a special person in another country at short notice is wonderful. The prompt and reliable service you and your company continues to provides is brilliant not to mention the most beautiful and amazing roses! I will be continuing to utilise your services in the future and highly recommend anyone looking at the website to choose you.

Cheers and kind regards





Online flower delivery covid-19 Christchurch NZ

Fresh Flowers contact-less delivery from Flower Biz ChristchurchWe can proudly say that we continue to operate amid covid-19 and offer contact-less flowers delivery to Christchurch NZ clients as we are an online business.

Christchurch Florists contact-less delivery.

 Numerous people feel the need to offer flowers as a treat to the people who they care about, even though flowers are not a necessity these days. As long as the authorities allow us to continue our business, we sincerely hope to help provide moments of comfort to each and every person.




Florist Christchurch City CBD

Fresh Pink Lilies and White Roses from Flower Biz Christchurch CityIf you have travelled extensively around the Pacific, you may already be aware that the flowers found in Christchurch are among the most beautiful in the region. Christchurch city florists are always in high demand, and the very best of them make sure that the customer service they provide is as wonderful as those flowers, regardless of the size of the event they are being used for. Flowers are ordered for all manner of different occasions, from small thank you gifts all the way up to glamorous weddings. City florists who care about every customer are the ones who flourish, but customers can find it difficult to choose the right one without seeing examples of their work. More...



Florist Spreydon Christchurch

When you buy flowers as a gift for a friend or family member, the goal should be to deliver a bouquet that is unique, and which will last as long as possible. Professional florists in Spreydon Christchurch can help you put together something special, and when they use fresh flowers from Christchurch growers, you can guarantee that your special gift will stay bright and colourful for an incredibly long time. The latter is easier said than done, though, as some florists use flowers that are already a couple of days old by the time they reach their intended recipient. Always look for a Spreydon Christchurch florist who uses the freshest flowers every day. More information...


Christchurch Fendalton Florist New Zealand

Fresh Pink Lilies from Flower Biz Fendalton ChristchurchIf you stop by your local Christchurch Fendalton florist, you are going to see all manner of different arrangements and flower bouquets on display. Purchasing any one of those for the special person in your life would end up being a gift that is sure to be loved, but it is possible to take things one step further at Flower Biz Christchurch Fendalton florist. If you really want to impress the recipient of the flowers you buy, you should perhaps take a moment to think about what sort of arrangement would be best for them. There are standard arrangements for occasions such as weddings and memorial services, but when you are buying for any other reason, the shackles truly are off.


There are over 20 prominent churches in and around Fendalton, one of the earliest Christchurch suburbs that was originally named Fendall Town after an early English settler. When buying flowers for a Fendalton wedding anniversary, it is very often roses that are chosen for the gift bouquet. Roses are always a wonderful gift, but you can spice things up by steering away from the traditional red colour. Roses come in a wide variety of different hues, each of which has been given its own special meaning. Rather than just sticking with red, why not surprise your spouse by choosing a colour more suited to their personality. Keep in mind that there are also flowers used for yearly wedding anniversaries, such as daisies for 5 years and daffodils for 10. Flower Biz are able to deliver fresh flowers to any address in Fendalton.




Fresh Flowers for Retirement Homes, Hospices, and Nursing Homes in Christchurch

Fresh Flowers in a Water Filled Box - a VOX - from Flower Biz Christchurch It is often not until we get older that we start to really take notice of the things that we had previously taken for granted. Flowers are all around us, even when we live in a large city, and while we notice the beautiful colours that they give off, we seldom, of ever, stop to smell the roses.


Research has shown that fresh flowers are beneficial to our emotional well being in many ways, and this is especially true for elderly folks who are in retirement homes, hospices, and nursing homes in Christchurch and the world over.

Many people regularly have fresh flowers in their home to add a little splash of colour and to make the space feel all the more inviting. Being in a position where you need to move out of your home and into a retirement facility can feel like a major upheaval, but those fresh flowers in your space at the nursing home can help make it feel as though you are back in the house where you spent much of your adult life.



Fresh Flowers Christchurch

John buys from his personal grower - taking the flowers off the trolley just after they are picked at the Christchurch flower farm. Freshest guaranteed.

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