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Fresh Pink Lilies from Flower Biz Fendalton ChristchurchIf you stop by your local Christchurch Fendalton florist, you are going to see all manner of different arrangements and flower bouquets on display. Purchasing any one of those for the special person in your life would end up being a gift that is sure to be loved, but it is possible to take things one step further at Flower Biz Christchurch Fendalton florist. If you really want to impress the recipient of the flowers you buy, you should perhaps take a moment to think about what sort of arrangement would be best for them. There are standard arrangements for occasions such as weddings and memorial services, but when you are buying for any other reason, the shackles truly are off.


There are over 20 prominent churches in and around Fendalton, one of the earliest Christchurch suburbs that was originally named Fendall Town after an early English settler. When buying flowers for a Fendalton wedding anniversary, it is very often roses that are chosen for the gift bouquet. Roses are always a wonderful gift, but you can spice things up by steering away from the traditional red colour. Roses come in a wide variety of different hues, each of which has been given its own special meaning. Rather than just sticking with red, why not surprise your spouse by choosing a colour more suited to their personality. Keep in mind that there are also flowers used for yearly wedding anniversaries, such as daisies for 5 years and daffodils for 10. Flower Biz are able to deliver fresh flowers to any address in Fendalton.


If you are buying flowers for a friend or family member who is not feeling well, you may want to make your decision based on where they are recuperating. Bright, fragrant flowers are always an excellent choice for someone stuck in the sterile, antiseptic surroundings of a hospital or retirement home. If, though, the person in question is going to be heading home for some well-earned rest, you may want to consider a marigold as an option. These are hardy little flowers that always do well in a home and which have come to be equated with resilience.


Going on a first date can be incredibly nerve-wracking, but you can put your partner for the evening at ease with a nice little bouquet. Since roses tend to be equated with Valentines Day, love and romance, it is perhaps best to go with some other type of flower for that opening date bouquet. Orchids are a perfect choice for a first date, as are tulips. It’s best to go with flowers on a first date if you are meeting your partner at their door, as you don’t want to risk a beautiful bouquet being ruined after being carried around all night.


Christchurch Fendalton florists love a good challenge and will be happy to help you put together an arrangement that is perfectly suited to the person you are buying for. If, for example, you know that the recipient loves a particular flower or colour, the florist can select other pieces that will complement your main choice perfectly. Choosing an arrangement that has already been put together is perfectly fine, but when you take a little extra time to make that gift something truly special, the person you are buying for is going to be truly appreciative.


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