Fresh Flowers for Retirement Homes, Hospices, and Nursing Homes in Christchurch

Fresh Flowers in a Water Filled Box - a VOX - from Flower Biz Christchurch It is often not until we get older that we start to really take notice of the things that we had previously taken for granted. Flowers are all around us, even when we live in a large city, and while we notice the beautiful colours that they give off, we seldom, of ever, stop to smell the roses.


Research has shown that fresh flowers are beneficial to our emotional well being in many ways, and this is especially true for elderly folks who are in retirement homes, hospices, and nursing homes in Christchurch and the world over.

Many people regularly have fresh flowers in their home to add a little splash of colour and to make the space feel all the more inviting. Being in a position where you need to move out of your home and into a retirement facility can feel like a major upheaval, but those fresh flowers in your space at the Christchurch nursing home can help make it feel as though you are back in the house where you spent much of your adult life.

Taking a bunch of fresh flowers to a parent or friend living in a Christchurch nursing home or hospice is also a good idea, as doing so will make the feel very special. It’s always nice to know that someone has been thinking about you, and flowers are a great way to convey that. Every time the recipient sees the arrangement or catches a little whiff of the wonderful scents that they give off, they will think of the time and effort you took to choose that specific gift, and it will make them feel as warm and special as they did when they first received it.


While nursing homes, hospices, and retirement homes go out of their way to crate a welcoming environment, there can still be times when the space feels a little clinical, which does little to deliver that homey feel that we all crave. The addition of flowers can make a dramatic difference and can brighten up even the most sterile of environments. The smell of fresh flowers wafting through the building is as inviting as the scents of a delicious home cooked meal, which is why so many of these facilities go out of their way to ensure that fresh flowers are always on display.


It’s not just the residents of retirement facilities who reap the benefits of fresh flowers. Nurses and caregivers who work there put in a lot of long, sometimes thankless, hours taking care of their residents, and that can take a toll on their emotional health. Walking into the place where they work and being greeted by the brilliant scents and colours delivered by fresh flowers can put a little spring in their step as they tackle the long day ahead. Even if you don’t have a loved one living in a facility such as this, you should consider making a donation of fresh flowers to brighten the day of the people living there and staff.


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